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Meemim creates an enhanced user experience that allows users maximum flexibility to adapt their user interface to what works best for them, let them quickly find and access the information they need, saving time, reducing frustration and increasing productivity.
Front-end:JavaScript, AngularJs, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, Sass
Back-end:C#, .Net, Entity Framework, Azure, MQ (ServiceBus), SQL Azure
OpenLegacy is a powerful, lightweight, extensive and flexible Java-based API, framework and tools designed for building simple and complex applications and services over existing legacy applications. This concept is commonly referred to as: legacy modernization or application modernization.
Front-end:JavaScript, AngularJs, HTML5, CSS3, FreeMarker
Back-end:Java8, Maven, Drools, Spring Boot, Spring Security, MySQL
Play&More In progress iTunes
Play&More helps parents to bring up children healthy and happy. It has over 500 activities for kids from the first days up to two years of age. Parents can track child’s progress with easy-to-use milestone map. Grow happy! Grow healthy!
MotoEye iTunes
Take the Most of Your Ride! – MotoEye is an app that let you track GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope data, as well as record movies and take photos whenever you are on the road.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, OpenStreetMap, Scobbler SDK
SPORTalk is a social media platform dedicated to sports. Friends and fans can interact with one another about a game (college or pro) through a real-time, multimedia experience that unites fans and builds excitement around the game.
Front-end:JavaScript, AngularJs, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, Sass
Back-end:C#, Azure, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, MongoDB
Prompt Smart Teleprompter iTunes
VoiceTrack speech recognition technology automatically follows your voice as you speak in this revolutionary teleprompter app. PromptSmart’s innovative prompter app is the standard of excellence in the app marketplace because its core function can do what no other app can claim to do.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreAudio, OpenEars
Prompt Smart Remote Control iTunes
PromptSmart Pro Remote Control is the free companion app to the PromptSmart Pro teleprompter app (with Extended subscription), that lets you control the scrolling of the script with a simple tap of your finger to move it forward or backward, start/stop, and return to the beginning via a Bluetooth connection.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, MultipeerConnectivity
Chaintag iTunes
Chain Tag is a new and fun social video and photo sharing app. Connect, express yourself and share your content with the open world. Create Chains using your video and photo Tags and build communities with every Chain.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreImage
Dyna-Gro iTunes
Dyna-Gro Plot allows Dyna-Gro crop consultants and salesmen to enter test plot planting and harvest information on their iPad. Dyna-Gro Plot will also allow submitting harvest results to the Dyna-Gro SeedMatrix yield comparison database.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, ShinobiControls
Dyna-Gro Product Builder iTunes
The Dyna-Gro Seed localized product guide builder is a tool which will enable Dyna-Gro division managers and dealers to build localized product marketing brochures tailored to their local area.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, ShinobiControls
Salient Eye iTunes
Turn your iPhone / iPad into a motion detector burglar alarm system!
Salient Eye turns any iOS device (from version iOS 7) into a full home camera security system. The Salient Eye application uses your phone's camera to sense motion and makes alarm sounds when a break-in occurs.
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreVideo
Purple Ocean iTunes
Consult with non-judgmental psychics and relationship advisors. Unlock these life secrets by connecting with some of the highest rated psychics from around the world!
Technologies:Objective-C, UIKIT, AVFoundation, CoreAudi, CoreVideo, PayPal, StoreKit